Francisco Chaves del Valle

International Bussiness.
Long distance explorer

Experience started @ Financial and Bank Organizations (Santander, Scotiabank and IRSA Group), then I have worked for 7 years at food industry (biggest food company in Argentina) developing business in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Business Adm & NLP Master (IANLP / International Association for NLP) & International life and business coach (ICC – International Coaching Community & EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council).


Personal challenges:

*1x Ultramarathon (90km)
*3x Ironman (226km= 3,8km swim + 180km bike + 42km run)
*9x Half Ironman (113km= 1,9km swim + 90km bike + 21km run)
*1x Tetra Chapelco (86km= 10km ski + 44km bike + 11km kayak + 21km run)


I have travelled to 37 countries in 4 continents.

I did business with people in 30.

Sudafrica, Botswana, Angola, Namibia, Togo, Mozambique, Cameroon, Mauricio.
Turkey. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, EAU Kuwait, Irak, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar.
Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia.


Time dedication to:

1) Founder @ Management Humano
Mind & Business Developer.

2) Co-Funder @ Ser Fractal.
A human being in constant evolution. Every single piece different from the others, unique, special… with common necessities. We repeat ourselves continuously… What if we upgrade our own version, at least at a minimum expression?

A fractal being journey is to develop. To make a better version of oneself.

Ser Fractal is a company with innovatives training workshops and seminars. We have 3 group of clients. Companies, NGO´s and individuals (workshops).


3) Founder @ Dofotop.
Online t-Shirt and apparel store with limited editions.

4) Founder @ Merchants of Gold
Sales and distribution for Alcoholic beverages and Gourmet Specialties.

5) Co Founder @ Botines Solidarios (NGO)

6) Co-Producer and co-host @ «Wine with friends». Radio.
www.arinfo.com.ar / Sundays 21 to 23hs. (Argentina)

7) Broker. Food and value added products exports.
Destination: Africa/ Southamerica.

8) Curator and developing original and antique products @ Netavintage
Nepal + India + South East Asia. Ethnic textile Art. Design. www.facebook.com/netavintage

9) Personal Adviser for entrepreneurs, businessmen and CEOs.


Business developer.
Emotional and mental management. Decision making. Mindfulness.
Emotional planner. Action / Reaction.
Value creator and long Term.
Worldwide Negotiator (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latam).
Win / Win.


Management Humano is a boosting dinamic for human development process.
How is the method?
Macro information input.
Thoughts, reactions & time management analysis.
Coaching and NLP techniques.

A person is a Being. An observer. A Thinker. An Actioner.
As an observer what are your resources?
How much (subjective) objectivity you have?
How is your relation with your emotions?
Time dedication?
Reflection and action.
What is to «learn»?
Is a process reflection.
We have to dream better.

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