Cultura Filipina

Febrero 23, 2014
Publicado en Aprendizaje, Autosuperación, Bienestar, General

Los desastres naturales, son cosas que pasan. Pueden aparecer sin advertencia.
Cuando se van, se llevan incluso vidas.

El director del corto, fue a filmar una historia de destrucción.
Encontró una historia de Resilencia.

Espero que esta historia nos haga agradecidos por lo que tenemos.
Estamos vivos y hay gente alrededor de uno para compartir la vida.

Typhoon Haiyan from Janssen Powers on Vimeo.

Natural disasters are grizzly things. There’s no two ways about it. With little warning they appear, and when they leave they almost always take lives with them. There’s no one to blame, and often times there’s little that can be done in terms of preparation. After typhoon Haiyan destroyed the Philippines I was asked to document the aftermath. Naturally, I intended to capture a story of destruction. What I found however, was a story of resilience.

I hope this story encourages you to be thankful for what you have. Not just that you have a good job or a nice car, but simply thankful that you’re alive and have people around you to share your life with.

Directed & Edited by Janssen Powers
Filmed on: Red Scarlet-x
Music: Tony Anderson- Diana & Rise (feat. Salomon Ligthelm)